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When it comes to aircon installation in Melbourne’s western suburbs, Western Air Conditioning & Electrical has a wide range of split system air conditioners and brands to suit your requirements. Our qualified technicians provide an efficient and cost-effective split system installation service for your new split system air conditioner, helping to keep your home comfortable all year round. Whether you need a domestic, commercial or industrial split system air conditioner, our team is fully equipped to help by providing first-class split system air conditioner installation in Melbourne.

What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split system air conditioners are the ultimate heating and cooling solution. They come in a vast range of designs and capabilities to suit many different applications. Wall-mounted split system air conditioners are the most recognised version, consisting of two parts: the indoor unit (evaporative fan coils) and the outdoor unit (condensing unit). When cooling, the warm air from inside is taken from the indoor unit and removed, which recirculates cool air back indoors. The reverse cycle allows for a heat pump to run in reverse and provide heating for the cooler months. The simplicity of this design makes split system installation a popular choice for homes and apartments.

Why Choose a Split System Air Conditioner?

Standard Installation*

Pricing is determined by the size of the unit installed

  • 0.0kw – 3.9kw: $700 inc GST
  • 4.0kw – 6.9kw: $800 inc GST
  • 7.0kw – 8.5kw: $900 inc GST
  • 8.6kw + $1000 inc GST

*Standard installation (back to back) is where the outdoor unit (condenser) is positioned directly behind the indoor unit (evaporator) on plastic feet on the ground.

Standard Installation Inclusions

  • Compliance & Certification
  • Up to 3m of interconnecting pipes, cables & drain
  • PVC ducting to conceal pipes, cabling & drain
  • PVC plastic feet for outdoor unit
  • Up to 20m supply cable to nearest power
  • Weatherproof isolator mounted next to condenser

Units above 4.0kw also include:

  • Supply to switchboard on own circuit
  • Separate safety switch/circuit breaker

Additional Charges (including GST)

  • Extra interconnecting between indoor & outdoor (including capping, pipes, cable & drain): $70 p/m
  • Extra supply cable:
    • 2.5mm: $5.50 p/m
    • 4.0mm: $7.70 p/m
    • 6.0mm: $11.00 p/m
  • Wall bracket fitted: $100
  • Polyslab: $60
  • Double brick: $150
  • Internal wall installation: $110
  • Condensate pump: $385
  • Double storey: $200
  • Internal switchboard: $100
  • Switchboard module (where no space): $100
  • Side entry: $100
  • Bends (inc capping): $30
  • Roof mount installation: $300
  • External conduit for cables: $10 p/m
  • Customer supplied split systems $100 each

Standard installation assumes

  • Single storey house
  • Brick veneer or weatherboard construction
  • Tiled roof
  • Unhindered access to indoor & outdoor locations (e.g.: bed, furniture, trees or shrubs removed)
  • Circuit connected to has Safety Switch Protection

Additionally, for units above 4.0kw:

  • The switchboard is up to current standards and has space for additional circuit
  • External switchboard
  • There is access to the roof from the switchboard to the compressor location.

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